Amy Schelton

Evan began working with Jean at 7 years old.  She very quickly evaluated his potential and recommend a course of work that would bring out the best in his voice, while introducing him to many types of music including classical and musical theater selections.
Evan is now 13 and even though we relocated away from the LA area, he has continued to have weekly lessons with Jean.  We found her irreplaceable as Evan’s vocal coach after we had interviewed others for months.  Evan had the privilege of recently being evaluated by Alan Held, internationally recognized opera singer.  Mr. Held stated, “Evan’s teacher has done very well by him.  If he stays on the same course, he will continue to have the fresh, natural sound and special voice that he now has.   We owe this praise to Jean!  She has expertly guided Evan through his frustrating vocal range changes and has helped him maintain his confidence during the process.  If you or your children are serious about studying music, you can’t do any better than Jean Arnett.